How to Stay Cool in Your Home This Summer


The hot rays of the sun during summer of every year is the reason why people get dehydrated, plants especially those planted in the farms were under the dangers of drought, human skin gets burnt from the sun which causes skin irritation or worst – skin cancer, water in the seas and rivers will decrease, and heat stroke patients in the hospitals will increase.


Who would ever want to go out and play when the sun is drying our system? Doctors and scientists discovered different ways of how to keep the air cool even if the hot rays of the sun strike. No need to buy an air cooler in your home. Let’s see the cheapest way possible. Here are some ways of keeping the air and your body cool during hot seasons:

  1. Keep the circulation of air constant. The use of electric fans is much better than using air conditioner which is the main reason for a high electricity bill. Unwanted heat comes from your windows. Utilizing shades and curtains would lessen the heat inside your home. A breeze might be enough to cool, but in an extremely hot season, turn on the fan. And if the night is on, let the cool wind enter your home.


  1. Lessen outdoor activities. A very hot weather will surely ruin your day. Those outdoor activities which you think is less important, better cancel or postpone it. Think about your health first before your appointments.


  1. Change your sheets. Changing beddings is not seasonal. It’s necessary and it’s better to change your thick bed sheets into a cooler one. Use colors that are cool enough for your eyes. New bedding freshens up the room.


  1. Turn the lights off. Too much light can never help reduce the heat inside the home. During daytime, there’s no need to open the lights in your bedroom, kitchen, or in the living room most especially when your house is facing the sunlight. Turn the lights off if not in use. You are saving energy, at the same time, you are keeping your home cool.


  1. Avoid doing things that make the area hot. Energy-consuming household devices such as oven and fridge release waste heat which makes your home hot. Make meals that are easy to cook to avoid too much heat in the kitchen. Avoid baking when you feel that the area is heating too much. To make it safer and cheaper, use solar technology such as a clothesline to dry the laundry.


  1. Water be your partner. During this kind of season, all you need are bottles of cold water and a cold shower. Drink water regularly to avoid getting dehydrated. Take cold showers before your body gets dehydrated. Taking a bath twice is better so that your skin won’t get dry which may cause you skin cancer. Heat stroke is the worst of all, be water friendly.


  1. Plant more trees. The very common yet the most important of all the things mentioned above is to plant more trees because these are the only thing that can make our environment cool and healthy. Plants block the sunlight and absorb the heat in the area.

Since there are so many ways of keeping the air cool, don’t let chances of heat stroke, dehydration, skin cancer, and other sicknesses ruin your career. Keep it cool!


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