It’s Passion – Skills and Talent Not Anymore Needed

We all know that employers are looking for the almost perfect person to work on their company. However, it is not easy to find one because people have different attitudes. On the other hand, firms nowadays do not look for individuals who has the almost perfect skills but rather they choose individual that has the closest criteria to the person they want.


Being Passionate

Whatever happens, you need to love what you do and what you are about to do. When you have passion in any work that you want, the company will surely choose you. Being passionate about your work is simply saying that you are dedicated to work in a company no matter what. Even if how difficult the work is, there will still be something on your mind and heart to keep on doing it.


Following One’s Heart

Take for instance, a mentor that walks far away just to teach indigent villagers on mountain. It is a big sacrifice but he does not mind about it because his heart wants to do it. On the other hand, many individuals are talented, intellectual, experienced and knowledgeable of almost everything but it is still not an assurance that they are qualified to work.

Working for Money Alone

What if they all has these skills but their heart is not in their job. In short, they only want the salary that they receive monthly. Giving your heart to your work sums up all. You can be as competent as a clever and gifted individual can without exerting much effort. Furthermore, you will be happy doing your work.


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