NS Registration Commences

It is time to serve the country. Calling all male Singaporean and permanent residents (particularly to those who were born from Sept 11 to Dec 10, 1996)  out there! NS (National Service) registration will commence on January 2 to 21, 2014.  You can register online or you can go to CPMB (Central Manpower Base) personally.


If you choose to register online, you can go to their website. If you prefer to register personally, you can go to CPMB Podium in 3 Depot Road. When going there, you should bring necessary documents like identification card and education records. If you choose to postpone your enlistment to continue your studies, you should apply for postponement first.

If your application for the postponement of your enlistment is successful, you can continue your studies and wait for a summon or notice. For unsuccessful applicants, they should attend the medical screening on February 20 & April 1, 2013.


If you have doubts, you should be reminded of the Enlistment Act. In this act, men reaching the age of 16 ½ are required to register for the NS. If you evade this obligation, you will be sued. You will be jailed for not more than three years and/or pay a fine of up to S$5,000.

When you survived the training, you will be considered “operationally ready”. That means you will join the ranks of NSmen (National Servicemen). It does not end there because every year, you are obliged to comply a maximum of forty days of NS until you reach 50 years old.

Men should look at this as an opportunity for their growth and development. You should endure it all for the love of Singapore. Do well on your training! Good luck.


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