Questions To Ask Before Buying Accounting Software

Accounting software is something that every Singapore business establishment needs at some point of time. It’s because accounting programs can accurately evaluate, record, and track accounting matters of a company, such as the sales, expenses, payroll, and many more. As the company grows, all of these tasks become too tedious to manage manually. Therefore, you have to shift into an automated structure for a more convenient manner of managing business operations. To help you decide whether your company needs to have one or not, here are some of the significant questions to ask.


1. “Does my company really need it?”

Though accounting programs can bring so much relief in most cases, some Singapore companies don’t really need much of its services. For example, if your company size is no more than less 10 people, perhaps, you can still effectively manage it without requiring an accounting program.

2. “What do I need it for?”

After confirming that the size of your company really requires the services of an accounting program like Rockbell accounting software consultancy in Singapore the next thing to consider is to identify what you need it for. Does the software need to perform tracking and issuing of payroll, do updated inventories, and send invoices? Most accounting software executes basic operating functions, such as accounts receivable and payable, payroll tracking, etc. So spend ample in identifying the needs of your company before purchasing one.


3. “Will it save me money and time?”

Another thing to consider is that whether the accounting program will save you money and time. Again, if your overall company size is not more than 10 people, maybe it’s more practical to make use of free Singapore accounting tools, such as excel sheets to track figures. But if yours is a bigger company, with an employed accounting staff, calculate how much will you save from the staff cost after buying a software program.


4. “Does the software vendor offer maximum support?”

If you’ve finally decided to buy one, the next thing to do is to choose which software to buy. In choosing the right software, one of the things to consider is whether there are available support features from the Singapore software vendor. How will you and your employees know the operating procedures of the software? Will the vendor offer a tutorial on how to use it? If not, are there training materials, such as tutorial videos or whitepapers, you can use for self-learning? Keep in mind that no matter how good your accounting software is, it’s still useless when nobody knows how to operate it.

5. “Will it be able to keep up with the growth?”

When your business grows, it will require higher level of services from your accounting software. There are more payrolls to handle, more transactions to record, and more product inventories to make. So ask the vendor if the software is upgradable or not. You will not certainly want to spend another hundred dollars to buy another accounting software program when you wish to upgrade it.

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