Series Finder: 10 TV-Shows to Get Hooked On


Why is it so hard for people to find a TV show to really connect with? The simplicity of finding a TV series to watch will shock you. Here is your series guide to a date-night every night.


  1. The Big Bang Theory

With more than a million views, there is no wonder this is on top of the list. The story revolves around physicists and their journey towards love and maturity. This show does not only aim to entertain viewers it also tends to nurture and inform us. What better way to intellectually feed us than to be watching four scientists battle it out in the area of science? Watching one episode alone will hook you up for the long run.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy

Now going on its eleventh season this show has made multitude of fans cry. If your passion is for the field of medicine then this is surely your show. They go all out when it comes to performing medical applications, completely thrusting in the field of romance as well. A tear-jerker in many ways but definitely a-must-see.

  1. How to Get Away With Murder

The title itself catches the attention of series enthusiasts. Especially for aspiring lawyers this is probably your perfect match.  Watch as five student’s battle it out in the classroom and in the courtroom as well. Your heart will definitely be pumping and racing thoroughly with excitement. A glance of this TV series will glue you to the television screen.

  1. Castle

As cited in the opening act of the TV series it says “there are only two types of people who think about a murder, serial killers and mystery writers, the latter just pays better.” If you’re a major fan of crime and homicides then you’ve found the cherry on top of your pie. Join in as Richard Castle unravels mysteries with his muse and inspiration otherwise known as Nikki Heat. The wit and humor of this show will make your insides tingle.

  1. How I Met Your Mother

Although after nine long series this show has ended, there is no excuse to not be hung up on it. With six relationships, nineteen women and a real whirlwind romance, we can assure you there is only ONE mother. This love story will make you laugh and cry at the same time. If you are a sappy, romantic love bug wait till you revolve around the life of Ted Mosby and his friends as they journey to finding their perfect match. The twists and turns that they will face will profoundly entangle your thoughts.


  1. Asia’s Next Top Model

Are you a major fashion enthusiast? This is your guide if you wish to make it in the modelling world. Don’t be reluctant to observe our fellow Asians as they make a name in the industry of fashion. This show will release emotions in you that you never thought existed. Watch and enjoy the show because maybe you could be the next Asia’s Next Top Model.

  1. Arrow

Are you a fan of the superhero genre? Be vigilant and patient because the new man of the hour has just hit the TV screen. Exuberating with confidence and masculinity, Oliver Queen has just proved to the world that it does not take superpowers to be a superhero. A very strong driving force pushed the hero to save his home- Starling City. The theme of this series is to intensify the viewer’s urge to help. Be bold, be strong and unleash the superhero in you.

  1. Code Black

Heart-warming and joy-giving is the proper characteristic that would properly describe this show. Many people might say it is yet another medical TV show but we beg to disagree. It completely shows what lies beyond our own knowledge of what happens inside a hospital. The drama that unravels will really tug everyone’s heartstrings. If you’ve given up on TV series then think again because you have just been fuelled by a hit.

  1. Bunheads

The classic ballerina, an exotic yet beautiful show that replenishes your childhood and reveals the beauty of real ballet. If you are an aspiring ballerina then surely you would get a kick out of this. This will surely help you in your journey towards fame in the world where beauty never fades and is eternal. Ballet is classically forever.

  1. Once Upon A Time

Growing up, we always fantasize all the Queens and Kings in fairy tales to come to life. This is your opportunity to dig up your past and open the child that is in you. All our fairy tales in one story is absolutely amazing. Seeing all the fantastic stories in one TV show gives us too much happiness for sure.


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