Things That Should be in a Singaporean’s Backpack

In a city where busy people get together, things may go wrong and you might need something that is really needed. Since we all know that we are living I’m a busy city, it is better to prepare for every situation that may happen whether, you are on a bus or perhaps riding on your own car.


On the other hand, you need to ensure that you bring your backpack or maybe a thing wherein all important and useful things are placed. So, what are the items that you should put in your backpack? Below are some few significant yet beneficial things that must be on your backpack.

Money – First and foremost, this must be placed in your bag. You may forget other things but not your cash. For instance, your car suddenly breaks down. What will you do? Will you just fix it yourself? Of course! You will need the help of an expert. What if you don’t have money? Of all the things that should be on your bag, never forget your money.


First aid kit – You might say that it is only an extra load on your bag. But imagine how essential it is. When you felt like you’re not okay, you can take a tablet in your kit.

Mobile Phone Charger – In this modern era, cellphones are being brought by almost all people whether their young or old. But the thing here is that cellphones are battery-operated and not for unlimited use. Thus, wherever you go, you must put your charger on your backpack.



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