Tricks to Get That Perfect Lipstick Look

Lipstick is definitely one of the favourite beauty product of every girl. But regardless of all of its winning traits, finding a flawless slap-on-and-go type of lip colour can be all too rare. Applying one and making it look perfect take some time, effort and real concentration – but there’s no need for you struggle anymore.  With these tried-and-true tricks, getting your lipstick look on point will be an easy-breezy.


  1. Use Some Makeup Removing Pen. If you constantly struggle with stray lipstick lines, then we suggest that you keep a makeup removing pen handy at all times. With this, you can now easily remove lipstick smears and smudges without leaving that greasy feeling behind. Its targeted tip will also make it easier for you to only erase the lines that you want to be removed. Just trace the pen around your lips’ outer edges to achieve the sharpest definition possible.
  1. Dust a Layer of Your Blush. Whether you’re after a matte finish or is looking to have more pigment, brushing a layer of powder blush over your lip look will surely give you these amazing results. This trick can also be used to change your lip colour too. If you want to make the shade of your hot pink lippie a bit hotter, just dust over your powdery formulas and see how the lip colour changes like magic.


  1. Practise the Old Lippie Tricks. Popping and pulling your finger into your mouth to ensure that no lipstick stains will be left on your teeth, and blotting tissue and translucent powder to make your lip colour last longer. You’ve probably heard these tips from your mom or grandma. Yes, these may seem like tricks of the old age, but these tricks really works wonders in achieving that flawless lipstick look, so don’t go ignoring them.
  1. Create Symmetry Using a Lip Liner. While we don’t recommend that you get hog-wild in using your lip liner to recreate your lip shape, using it to create some symmetry on your lips won’t hurt. If you’re going to wear lipstick, opt for liner that’s a shade close to your lipstick; if you plan to sport a natural look, go with a shade that’s a bit darker than your natural lip colour to create some dimension. Just ensure that you don’t line slightly outside your natural lip line while doing this.

There’s no denying that a lipstick is one product that instantly brightens up almost any look. So keep these tricks in mind to ensure that next time you apply your favourite lippie, it will be on point.


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