Unusual Addictions You’d Want to Avoid


When we hear the word “addiction”, the first things that come to mind are alcohol and drugs. Sure, they are common and affects way too many people, but these are not the only addictions that pose a threat to us. There are a lot of uncommon addictions that occur fairly often and cause major problems to those involved. To give you an idea, we’ve listed down some of these unusual addictions that you would very well avoid getting into.


  1. Working Too Much

Being a workaholic is something that most of us joke about, not thinking that it’s already a serious problem. A person who works overtime, seven days a week, is often considered as hardworking. Yet, this behaviour might be hiding a troublesome truth. If a person feels a compulsive need to work, for instance, or if he or she works to avoid facing negative emotions, then they could already be considered as workaholics.

Aside from causing a rift in your relationships, being workaholic also presents a threat to your health. It could cause you to constantly feel tired, experience trouble sleeping or gain weight. These symptoms might even cause more serious issues like increased blood pressure and heart attack.

  1. Lying

Telling lie after lie will only get you so far. They will accumulate eventually and cause a liar’s world to crash. Yet, this is something that compulsive liars don’t understand. For them, lying is completely normal, like breathing air, and even represents a form of satisfaction to them.

These liars would even go to great lengths, such as lying about an illness to get some financial gain or concealing their involvement in a murder. If their lie doesn’t pay off eventually, their mind would likely break down and it could lead to dangerous situations.


  1. Hoarding

We all have a certain item that we don’t want to get rid of. Perhaps they’re related to a fond memory of ours, making the act of throwing them away rather difficult or impossible. When this need to keep things turn into a compulsive behaviour, however, then you are likely dealing with hoarding.

Unlike in lying, the worst part about this addiction is that the person isn’t aware of the problem. They will continue collecting free stuff, buying things they think are unique or any other reason to hoard a particular item. What they don’t realize though, is the damage it brings. Your living conditions could become difficult, and it’ll eventually create some cracks in your relationships.

  1. Tanning

While it may not seem like it, tanning can actually turn into an addiction. People who opt to go tanning for a whole year are the ones who suffer from this addiction. They don’t realize that extreme exposure to UV lights could cause skin cancer and even eye damage. This is the very reason why tanning is never good for everyone, especially if it’s done regularly throughout the year.

While these habits may not seem like serious addictions at first sight, continuously doing these negative behaviours will lead to serious problems. If you’re already suffering from any of these addictions, then it’d be best to consult a professional and gradually work your way towards recovery.


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