Wedding Gown Shopping Blunders

Wedding gown shopping should be the most pleasurable experience for every bride-to-be. However, the entire process could completely turn into a stressful nightmare for some brides. Why? Because in some circumstances, they unconsciously commit one of these wedding gown hunting blunders. Know the most overlooked, yet common, mistakes to avoid in search for the perfect wedding singapore gown.


Error #1: Trying on wedding gowns that are way out of budget just for FUN.

Many brides thought that it’s okay to try a $15,000 wedding gown on, well in fact the budget only says $3000. Whether you’re doing it “just for fun,” fitting a pricey bridal gown is just out of your business. What will happen if you’ll like the gown? Falling back to the gowns within your budget will only give you frustrations, because they simply don’t have the same embellishments, details, and construction as the pricey gown. Save yourself from the heartbreak first by checking wedding dresses on perfect wedding singapore and by only trying on gowns that you can afford to buy. Furthermore, do not push yourself in purchasing a gown that can’t be delivered on time. Before you start asking for sizes and gown details, ask for the shipment date and expected time of arrival first.

Error #2: Trying on dresses even though you’ve already purchased one.

Unless you’re planning to buy another gown because of some unexpected incidents, looking and trying on gowns after you’ve purchased one is a great way to welcome a disaster. After paying thousands of dollars for a wedding dress, the very last thing you probably want is to find a more fabulous gown which you would like more than the one you’ve bought. With this, your love for the dress for your most special day will greatly diminish, which could be very frustrating. If you still want to go shopping after purchasing your gown, you can shop for veil, jewelleries, and other bridal accessories, but not trying on more wedding gowns.


Error #3: Bringing lots of people when shopping for gown

Too many people mean too many comments and suggestions to hear.  It becomes very difficult to follow your own choice when you’re being drowned with comments from your opinionated friends, sisters, aunts, and moms. A wise bride-to-be brings only one or two trusted persons to help her out. Who to bring? If your mom will shoulder the wedding gown expenses, you should definitely hear her thoughts about your gown. Aside from your mom, your sister or a close friend with excellent choice in fashion could be your best helper. If your extended family and other friends insist in helping you, let them do the other wedding shopping tasks, such as the bridesmaid dress, the bridal jewelleries, and more.


Error #4: Shopping with predetermined gown style

It is good to search and follow great ideas, but it isn’t practical to limit your options. Restricting your choices to A-line dresses will not let you know that ball gowns that you can find from perfect wedding singapore can make you look like a princess, or mermaid gowns will make you look like a movie star. When you go shopping for wedding gown, keeping in mind some ideas is enough keep, but being open to suggestions from designers will make you have  perfect wedding gown for your most awaited day.

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