What the Common Job Interview Questions Really Mean

Job interviews are never easy, and they would be harder if employers turned them into interrogations. This is why Human Resource departments develop questionnaires that aim to discover whether or not an applicant has what the company needs. Although companies look for different features, there are a few questions that pop up even in the most diverse job application process. But what do employers really want to know every time they ask the following questions?


  1. “Tell me about yourself.”

They’ve already read your CV, so this isn’t the moment for you to talk about all the basic information about yourself. Instead, see this question as an opportunity to highlight certain parts in your resume that you think will give you an edge from the other applicants.

Since this questions is one of the first questions they’ll be asking, consider giving a quick summary of your work experience while combining it with a few anecdotes that reflect your professional behaviour.

  1. “Where do you see yourself five years from now?”

Do you see yourself starting your own family in the suburbs, or are you planning to travel the world? With this question, employers are trying to find out if your intention with their company are short- or long-term, as well as if you have a good idea of the things you want to accomplish in life.

However, in answering this question, it’d be better to focus on your professional goals instead of the personal ones. It’ll definitely make sense if you say that see yourself as valuable part of the company five years from now, perhaps in a supervisorial or middle-management role. Let your employer know that you’re not afraid to grow and take on such responsibilities.


  1. “What do you know about our company?”

This is the time to show that you’ve researched about the company you’re applying for. Instead of memorizing what they’ve written in their website, be proactive and show that you’ve gone beyond that. Follow them on social media, and see how they express themselves. Anybody can read a company’s mission statement, so this is your chance to go an extra mile and show that you know what their company really stands for.

  1. “Why are you interested to work for us?”

Most applicant tells their interviewer about how much they like the company, and feel that their expertise are a perfect match for the position they’re applying for. But this question is what will give you a chance to prove that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Read the job description carefully, and identify what it is that attracted you to apply for the position. As much as possible, avoid focusing on the benefits and salary as it’ll make you seem like the type of person who’s just waiting for a better offer from another company.

Regardless of the company or position you’re applying for, you’ll likely have to answer most if not all of these interview questions. So know what kind of answer the employer is looking for, as well as what they’re really trying to determine so you can guarantee a spot on the shortlisted candidates.

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