What to Do and Where to Go in Merlion Park

What picture comes in your mind when you think of Singapore? The half mermaid and half lion picture is probably one of the pictures that comes in your mind. This picture is the Merlion—the official tourism figure of Singapore. One can see this in Singapore merchandise like shirt, key chains, caps and in Merlion Park. Merlion Park is near Marina Bay, and there are many activities one can do here.


There are five of these all over Singapore, and this one lies in the centre of the city. One can start by having photo opportunities in the Merlion statue. This statue was built in 1964. It is 8.6 metres high and weighs 70 tons. Take photos in different angles and distance. Make sure to capture the moment when the Merlion is spouting water from its mouth. Be in the Merlion Park in the night and see the majestic beauty of the statue surrounded by Singapore buildings and skyscrapers.


If you are with your tour guide during the time you are in Merlion, this is a perfect time for you to learn about the history of Merlion. Merlion originated from two words “mer” for mermaid and “lion,” hence its appearance. According to oral history, there was a prince named Sang Nila Utama who came to Singapore, and the first thing he saw upon his arrival was a lion. Because of this, he called the place “Singapura” which means “The Lion City.”



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