What to Expect in Counselling

For passengers and crew of Singapore Airlines (SIA) who suffered a problematic flight, SIA offered to help them by getting psychiatric counselling. The company said that this is the right thing to do. If you may remember, there were 467 passengers and 27 crew members flying to Singapore. The airplane had cabin pressure problems that lead to an emergency landing in Baku airport.


The passengers and the crew members were terrified because of the sudden deployment of oxygen masks, sudden dropping of the altitude and the fluctuation of the lights. The passengers and the crew were stranded in Baku for not more than fifteen hours. They continued their flight to Singapore the day after the incident. The experience was indeed terrifying. With that being said, SIA is offering counselling to help the people deal and handle the incident.

If you witnessed the horror and it is still bothering you, you should contact the airline and ask for assistance. Do not be ashamed because you need this. You have to accept the help and expect that it can make you better. To give you an idea of what to expect in counselling, you can consider the following things:

1. Expect to tell your personal history. You should expect that your counsellor/therapists will ask your personal history. There is no use being secretive about your life. Do not worry because it will be strictly confidential. When you are told to discuss your history, you should comply because it can play an important part in the findings of the counsellor.

2. Express your current symptoms. Apart from your personal history, you will be asked to express your current symptoms. Your counsellor/therapist knows what you’ve been through but he/she needs to know what symptoms you are facing. You should speak of that because it can help the counsellor/therapists better understand the problems.

3. Take an active part. You have to take an active part. Remember that counselling/therapy is not a one-man team. It is a team effort. That means you need to give input or ideas. Do not just sit there and leave everything to your counsellor/therapist. If you are open about what you feel, the counsellor/therapist will think that you are determined to be well again.

Your experiences in the plane are horrifying. You need someone to discuss that feeling. Seeking for help does not mean you are weak to handle and deal with that life changing event. Just know that there are many people who are willing to help you and you do not need to deal with that alone. Flying is a nice experience so you should not let this incident stop you.



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