What You Need to Know About Horses

horse In the Chinese zodiac, 2014 is the year of the horse. To usher Chinese New Year, SingPost (Singapore Post) will release horse stamps on January 3, 2014. The horse stamps have local, S$0.65 and S$1.10 denominations. Apart from that, SingPost will also release S$5 and S$10 special edition denominations.

What is so special about the year of the horse? People believe that the year of the horse signifies leaping or galloping fortunes and other blessings. Apart from this, you should look scientifically. Here are some physical characteristics and description of horses:



Horses have slow metabolism. Because of their slow metabolism, horses have longer life. The life span of the horses depends on how you take care of them. There are horses that can last up to forty years or longer.


People have five senses, right? Horses have five senses too! Horses rely on their senses to move. If you may notice, they have eyes on the side of their head because it gives them astounding peripheral vision. They have long ears that can magnify the sound. You will be amazed that their ears can turn up to 180° that allows them to hear various sounds at once.



Horses are known for their movement, they are built for speed. Their natural ability can be enhanced by careful breeding. For example, Arabian horse breeds are for racing, quarter horse breeds are known for its agility and speed and thoroughbreds are for sprinting. You should also know that horses have four natural styles to include galloping, trotting, walking and cantering.

Respiratory System

The respiratory system of horses is similar to people but it is larger. Horses are built for speed and with that, they need tremendous amount of oxygen so they can perform well. When the respiratory system of horses is compromised, you will see a decline of their performance.

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