Why People Who Self-Talk Are Geniuses

When we see people talking or mumbling to themselves, our first instinct is to distance ourselves from them and write them off as weird. However, most of these people who have the habit of talking to themselves are not simply crazy.


Some people find talking to themselves as therapeutic and beneficial in keeping focus in what they do. Others like talking to themselves because during these times, they are able to come up with brilliant ideas helpful in their work.

If you are a person who self-talks, this is not something you have to be embarrassed of. In fact, a study shows that people who habitually talk to themselves are geniuses. Here are several reasons why.


Stimulating memory

Some people talk to themselves because it helps them jog their memory and remember stuff. When you talk to yourself, the body’s sensory mechanisms are activated so it’s easier to recall things. It is easier on the memory when we visualize the words and act according to it.


Helps in focusing

When we say things out loud, we tend to focus on the task more. It also helps in recognizing important stuff quickly. Talking to yourself helps enhance the mind’s visuals, making it easier to look for things and finish tasks.


Clarifying thoughts

When you are upset, you tend to distance yourself from others and vent your feelings to yourself. This way bottled up emotions and pent up feelings are released, making it easier for you to calm down and feel much better. When you talk to yourself about how you feel, it is easier to identify the right reaction to these emotions because there is no judgment or expectation from outside forces.


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